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Toddler Program (12 months – 24 months)

Crawling funny baby boy indoors at homeBabies are ready for the Toddler classroom when they have completed 12 months, are able to walk independently, are free of the bottle, and take one nap a day. Your child would enjoy the new freedom of movement and utilize this opportunity to explore the space and the materials arranged on the shelves. They would gain new socializing skills and independence and develop their language skills through constant interaction with our teachers. They will be introduced to vast vocabulary using books, pictures, and interesting objects that are purposefully arranged in the classroom.

Love, care, and hygiene are the prime focus of the toddler class. iBloom Montessori aims to maintain a clean environment, provide nutritious food, and help children explore and develop body skills through active and fun-filled activities. We encourage children in having a bond with their teacher and develop trust and self-confidence by identifying and expressing emotions positively. Parents are informed about the daily activities of their child through our daily reports.