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Primary Program (3 years – 6 years)

Cards and counting stonesPrimary classroom at iBloom Montessori caters to children aged between 3 years and 6 years. “Freedom” is an absolute necessity for this age group. We allow children to choose their own work and activities that were presented to them by their teachers. You will see children walking around the classroom, observing other children’s work, picking up materials from the shelf, working with the materials as long as they want and putting them back in its respective place. Children enjoy the freedom of choice “within the limits” which in turn helps them to master their activities and inculcates self-discipline within them.

Our goal for primary aged children is to build conceptual knowledge using Montessori materials. Our tailored curriculum includes distinct skill-based lessons with the support of appropriate materials in the classroom. Our experienced and well-trained Montessori teachers support each child’s progress and present new learning challenges to each child when he/she is ready. The Primary classroom is a mixed aged classroom where the younger children learn from their older friends and the older children are the leaders and helpers in the classroom. This vertical grouping creates a powerful and cohesive learning environment.

Our daily work in the classroom is clearly defined by our challenging Montessori curriculum that is composed of Language, Mathematics, Practical Life, Sensorial, Cultural Studies (geography, history, botany, zoology, arts). All of these areas emphasize independence, concentration, coordination, order and a love of learning. Children of this class will begin to read, write and build a solid foundation in language and math skills. Your child will also have the opportunity to explore gardening and engage in physical activity with their friends.

Children are always eager to take up a complex task and try to accomplish them. Our teachers support the enthusiasm of the children and challenge them with interesting indoor and outdoor activities. iBloom Montessori will be conducting two Parent-Teacher conferences during an academic year, however, parents can meet their teachers during any working day with a prior appointment.